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 WCB WinMX Chat Bot & Plugins

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PostSubject: WCB WinMX Chat Bot & Plugins   Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:26 am

The WCB is a small but powerful bot,
it has the ability with plugins to bring up chat rooms if you cant find one, it can also search files, when you are looking for a particular file, it will list who has the file, theres plugins for logging who enters, exits etc and more

the latest WCB is WCB v0.4.2


Winamp Music Displayer, shows what your winamp is playing, the txt file is customisable, on-off-reload commands can be limited to an IP so nobody else has control.

the On Enter plugin is for when your WCB enters your room, it can auto log in and enable itself /bot mode (change password in onenter.txt file)

On Join - Part plugin is for showing when someone enters and leaves (change how you like in onjoin.txt & onleave.txt files)

File Finder plugin is for finding files

Channel Finder plugin for RSWCS/WCS finds channels/rooms

Channel Finder plugin for FXS

Channel Finder plugin for ZCS

OnTimer plugin displays in the room on a set time (default is 15 mins)

Room Host plugin has features such as a menu for adding trigger responces, a picture page for those nice pics we all like in room, theres a timer and random timer you can set either or both to the time you want and there is random welcome file

Channel Stats plugin this shows how many rooms using each server & the total rooms on the network

File Check plugin is for searching for "nasty" files like porn, for when you dont want these kinds of people in your room (add or remove bad words as you see fit)

List plugin is good for displaying lists of your movies, music, games etc, (just edit/add to the .txt files)

Web Plugin logs to a .txt file names who join, leave, change name etc, loggin the in and out movement for the host

Mastermind Game Plugin allowed you to play Mastermind, its customisable chosing how hard you want it (how many numbers, duplicate numbers, how many incorrect guesses allowed etc)

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WCB WinMX Chat Bot & Plugins
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